A Statement on the Change of Name

On April the 21th, the Council of the Faculty of ‘Artes Liberales’ voted through the change of name of our research unit. As of now its official name will be the Centre for the Study of the Reformation and Intellectual Culture in Early Modern Europe (in Polish: Ośrodek Badań nad Reformacją i Kulturą Intelektualną w Europie Wczesnonowożytnej). While the original goals and research areas of the Centre remain unchanged, we believe that this transformation will not only contribute to the strengthening of the already established connections, which resulted in a number of initiatives, but will also open new possibilities. As the Centre, we seek to explore new paths for further development of our research team, collaboration with other both domestic and international research centres, and involvement in various projects related to the study of the Reformation and different aspects of early modern intellectual culture.