New Grant for Our Centre

We are delighted to inform you that the Head of the Centre, Dr Michał Choptiany, has been awarded 379,300 PLN by the National Science Centre to carry out an individual research project under the SONATA 12 funding scheme. For the next three years Dr Choptiany will be studying sources documenting the development of calendrical and chronological controversies in early modern Lower Silesia and Upper Lusatia, paying particular attention to such figures as Abraham Bucholzer, Leonhard Krentzheim, Bartholomaeus Scultetus and Andreas Dudith and analysing their impact on the intellectual and religious landscape of the region and their role within the Republic of Letters. This project was conceived as continuation of Dr Choptiany’s earlier post-doctoral project, carried out also at the University of Warsaw, which was aimed at mapping the calendrical debates in Central European sources.

For more details on the project, entitled ‘Debates over biblical chronology in the intellectual culture of Silesia and Upper Lusatia (1550-1650)’, please see either English or Polish description available at the National Science Centre’s website. In addition to this, please stay tuned for more updates on the project, to be available soon at Chronologia Universalis.