Anti-Trinitarianism in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the European Context

Anti-Trinitarianism in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the European Context:
Sources − Development – Influence

 edited by
Michał Choptiany & Piotr Wilczek

To be published by the University of Warsaw Press in 2017 as vol. 10 in the “Culture of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in Dialogue with Europe” series


  1. Mihály Balázs (Szeged) – Anti-Trinitarianism in Poland and Transylvania: common points and divergences
  2. Arie Baars (Apeldoorn) – Calvin and Polish Anti-Trinitarianism
  3. Łukasz Bieniasz (Wrocław) – Polish Brethren in Brandenburg, Silesia and Poland – activity and intellectual contacts
  4. Simon Burton (Warszawa) – Affirming Reason and Mystery: Early Modern Protestant Responses to Anti-Trinitarianism
  5. Michał Choptiany (Warszawa) – Socinian Scholars in Early Modern Res Publica Litteraria: Stanisław Lubieniecki and His Scientific Correspondence
  6. Steffen Huber (Kraków) − Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski and Anti-Trinitarianism
  7. Jan Kamieniecki (Wrocław) − Szymon Budny’s Vision of Man and Society and Its Theological and Philosophical Justification
  8. Gizella Keserű (Szeged) – Relations between Polish and Transylvanian Anti-Trinitarianism
  9. Krzysztof Koehler (Warszawa) – Constructing Catholic Anti-Trinitarian Polemic in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  10. Jakub Koryl (Kraków) – The Hermeneutics of Polish Brethren: An Introduction to Biblical Commentaries
  11. Jakub Koryl (Kraków) – The Socinian λόγος of the Prologue to the Gospel of John: Philology – Doctrine – Confessional Identity
  12. Magdalena Luszczynska (Jerozolima) – Know thy Jew. Odpis Jakoba Żyda by Martin Czechowic and an Arian take on Christian Hebraism
  13. Dávid Molnár (Szeged), Walenty Radecke as a Liaison between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Transylvania
  14. Fr. Rajmund Pietkiewicz (Wrocław) – Anti-Trinitarian Translations of the Bible
  15. Wojciech Ryczek (Kraków) – On a Polemic between Adam Gosławski and Bartholomew Keckermann
  16. József Simon (Szeged), György Enyedi and His Explicationes: Theological and Philosophical Affinities between Polish and Transylvanian Anti-Trinitarians
  17. Riccarda Suitner (Erfurt/Gotha) – Medicine and the Radical Reformation in Southern Italy: the Telesian Academy
  18. Ádám Szabó (Szeged), The Altdorf Circle of Ernst Soner and Its Impact on Central European Anti-Trinitarianism
  19. Piotr Wilczek (Warszawa) – The Racovian Catechism – Text, Significance, and Influence in the Context of the Evolution of the Anti-Trinitarian Theology\

The volume is being prepared within the framework of a research project “The Culture of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in Dialogue with Europe: Hermeneutics of Values” financed by the National Programme for the Development of the Humanities, grant no. 11H 12 0250 81.

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