RRR – The Brest Bible

Reformation and Renaissance Review 2015, vol. 17, issue 1, “The Brest Bible (1563): History, Language, Culture, Theology”, edited by Piotr Wilczek and Simon J. G. Burton

The issue will be available soon via the publisher’s website.


Ian Hazlett

Editors’ introduction
Piotr Wilczek and Simon J.G. Burton

The Reformation in sixteenth-century Poland: a success story or a failure?
Jacek Wijaczka

Reformed church buildings in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the early-modern period
Piotr Birecki

Hebraica veritas in the Brest Bible
Rajmund Pietkiewicz

The current state of research by Polish linguists on the Brest Bible: an overview
Stanisław Koziara

The Brest Bible and other Polish translations of the Bible in the poetical works of Erazm Otwinowski
Piotr Wilczek

The Brest Bible: trinitarian and Christological issues
Rafał Marcin Leszczynski

The transconfessional character of the doctrine of justification and its depiction on the title page of the Brest Bible
Aurelia Zdunczyk

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