About the Centre

Centre for the Study of the Reformation and Intellectual Culture in Early Modern Europe is a research unit of the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” at the University of Warsaw – the premier research university in Poland and one of the leading research and educational institutions in this region of Europe. Its activities are devoted to the study of early modern intellectual and religious history, with a particular focus on the Reformation.
The Centre, established on 21 April 2016, continues the activities of the international Committee for the Study of the Reformation in Poland and East-Central Europe. One of the principal aims of our projects is to make a leading contribution to the ongoing reassessment of the Polish and Central European Reformation.  However, what particularly distinguishes them is their attempt to locate it within a broader intellectual and geographical narrative and, by so doing, to help foster a new comparative and dynamic account of pan-European reform in all its multi-faceted dimensions.
The Centre’s research activities include, but are not be limited to, the following areas:
•    Renaissance and Reformation
•    The role of medieval philosophy and theology in the age of the Reformation
•    Reformation and confessionalization
•    Historiography and the methodology of Reformation research
•    Comparative approaches to the Reformation and Counter-Reformation in Western, Central and Eastern Europe
•    Confessional dialogue and polemic in early modernity, with a particular focus on Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox relations in East-Central Europe
•    Radical religion, Socinianism and Anti-Trinitarianism
•    Irenicism, ecumenism and ‘universal reform’
•    Political thought of the Reformation and early modern period
•    Art and architecture in the Reformation and early modern period
•    Education and schooling in the Reformation and early modern period
•    Books and printing as agents of change in the Reformation and early modern period
•    Relations between the Reformation movement and other areas of intellectual culture of the period, including the natural sciences and humanities

The Centre’s activities focus on:
•   organizing conferences and seminars
•   preparing scholarly publications devoted to Reformation studies and early modern religious studies in general, including critical editions of source texts
•   establishing educational programs devoted to religious studies (including a new MA program on “Christianity in Culture” at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales”, University of Warsaw)
•   producing translations and critical editions of essential Reformation sources and other early modern texts

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